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To reserve a mediation session, please select from any of the available dates below. A quick ONLINE APPOINTMENT REQUEST will collect contact details and case information. Once submitted, we will be in touch as quickly as possible.



Rates & Cancellation Policy

Fee Schedule


$200.00 per party, per hour, with two parties
$150.00 per party, per hour, with three parties
$130.00 per party, per hour, with four or more parties

There is a two-hour minimum for half day cases and a six-hour minimum for full day cases. The estimated fee for your mediation session is based on the reserved time of either a half day or a full day. An invoice will be sent once the mediation has been completed. Payments should be made in accordance with the payment instructions on the invoice. Please note that I have accepted this case based on our professional business relationship, but I consider this engagement as being with counsel and your clients, jointly and severally. Accordingly, counsel for each party is financially responsible for ensuring timely payment for all mediation fees.


If a mediation is cancelled or rescheduled less than three business days prior to the scheduled session, a cancellation fee equal to the minimum time (2 hours for a half day, 6 hours for a full day) will be charged to the parties. Unless otherwise agreed in writing, the fee will be split equally among the parties. Please keep in mind, this cancellation policy is meant to fairly compensate KD Mediation for reserving the time scheduled for this mediation.


An invoice for the mediation will be issued immediately following the mediation conference and is due upon receipt.

Case Management




If you have any questions regarding this engagement or KD Mediation’s services in general, please do not hesitate to email our case manager, Laura Wiseman, or call the office at 813.534.4655.


KD Mediation conducts mediations either in-person or via video conference using the Zoom app. Please download these Zoom instructions for helpful information.

If new to Zoom, please be sure to download the app, create an account and login to become familiar with the platform. Zoom has many helpful resources if needed.

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With three decades of legal experience spanning the courtroom and the boardroom, KD Mediation is perfectly situated to resolve your legal disputes. During our tenure as litigators, we have been involved in a broad range of disputes on behalf of both individual and corporate clients and have provided trusted advice to company leaders during our respective stints as in-house counsel in the medical and hospitality fields.

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